A non-profit organization established in 1907, continued forward by volunteers for the last 110 years! Your attendance at events and your generous donations for raffles, help San Nicolo` Charities in funding Scholarships, St. Rocco’s School and Day Care Center plus community building social events in honor of our Patron Saint. Come out and celebrate with us and thanks in advance for your devotion, donations and support!


Mass at St. Rocco Parish – Feast Day 2017

Mass was celebrated on Sunday, August 20th at 12 PM. Thank you to the many devotees that joined us St. Rocco Parish, 3205 Fulton Rd., Cleveland, OH 44109 to celebrate this historic event!

After Mass, a procession was held outdoors, keeping in the tradition that spans almost 850 years! Join us for the Mass, procession and great luncheon afterward.  View our Facebook photo album!

This year, the Societa Alcarese di San Nicolo` Politi in the USA, has made monetary donation toward the restoration of the “Monostere del Rogato” in Alcara / Carbuncolo, Sicily.

Happy 900th Birthday on September 6th, San Nicola!


  • Spring Murder Mystery Party
  • Summer Family Picnic
  • Feast Day Mass, Procession & Luncheon
  • Annual Fall Clambake
  • Festa di Natale Luncheon

2011 Reverse Raffle



Formed in 1907 by devotees that migrated from Alcara li Fusi, Sicily, Italy, where San Nicolo` Politi lived out his adult life. An amazing story that began with his parents, then living in Alcara li Fusi, praying to another San Nicola to help them conceive a child that they promised to name Nicola

The Societa Alcarese di San Nicolo` Politi is celebrating 110 years as a Society from the old country and the tradition continues. Join us, attend our community events, and stay connected to a history that goes back 900 years!

Volunteers are always welcome to make the events extra special for everyone. Drop us a line or call or keep the tradition alive.

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